Your Rainforest Activities


You will have access to many different activities and tours during your Ultimate Rainforest Escape in Costa Rica. Below are some activities included in your package as well as additional optional tours ($) and activities for you to choose from.

Included Daily Treks

Included in your package are daily treks that will introduce you to the beauty of the rainforest. See colorful and interesting wildlife including four species of monkeys, sloths, poison dart frogs, tapirs, scarlet macaws and possibly even a wildcat! Hikes are flexible and accommodate all skill levels. With various routes to choose from, hikes can range from an hour’s walk on the beach to a full day’s trek with river crossings and stunning waterfalls. One even takes you along an ancient Central American trade route. The great thing is that you can do the same trail over and over again and you’ll see completely different things every time.

Here’s a quick video that will give you a better idea of what this eco-escape is all about…


Guided Day Hike into Corcovado National Park (Optional $)CorcovadoDayHike

Visit the wild and beautiful Corcovado National Park, one of 28 National Parks and the crown jewel of Costa Rica. Entry to the park is permitted only with a licenced guide and requires a reservation. Your guide will tell you about the history of the park and will point out exotic wildlife. You might spot anything from large forest cats like pumas to small amphibians like poison dart frogs. You will be able to see every detail through the guide’s telescope and even use it to take close-up photos with your smartphone or camera.

Note that all paid guided tours are lead by guides accredited by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and meet the standards established by the Government of Costa Rica.


Ocean and Lagoon Ocean and Lagoon

Cooling off from the strong Costa Rican sun is easy when you’ve got the ocean at your doorstep. The water is warm and clear and the sand soft under your feet. Go for a refreshing dip or grab a boogie board and ride the waves. Try surfing ($) with or without lessons from our very own teacher. Fishing “local style”($) is also a great way to enjoy the local culture. Cast into the breaking waves in hopes of snagging some local snook or jackfish. Heck, you might even catch something tasty for dinner.



Bird WatchingBird watching

The Costa Rican jungle is an ideal place for bird watching, for both connoisseurs and novices alike. With over 850 different recorded species, it won’t take long until you’re hooked on spotting them all. Check out the many books in the library and read about the feared Toucan or learn about the monogamous lives of Scarlet Macaws. In fact, the Osa is home to the largest population of Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica and there are only about 1200 pairs left in all of the country, 800 of which are on the Osa!




The Osa Peninsula is one of the most magical places to photograph. Ask any National Geographic photographer that has visited here. You can find everything from insects to large mammals. Many people have yet to discover this destination, which is still well off-the-beaten path. Take your camera, digital or wind up, whichever one you prefer, and head off to explore the many different colors of the rainforest.




yoga LVYoga

With both the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean as its surroundings, the Osa is the perfect place to stretch out. Yoga is a great way to keep the mind and body relaxed and focused. For those new to yoga, enjoy one or two beginner-level classes in the afternoon lead by your very own Rainfroest host. For the more adventurous, a few hours hike into the jungle takes you to a yoga platform high above the rainforest canopy where the view is sure to relax and energize.

Yoga instructors, click here to find out how you can organize your own private yoga retreat in the rainforest.

Relaxation relaxation

Unwind with a relaxing massage offered by our local massage therapist. (Optional $) Choose one of the many hammocks around the property and chill out while listening to the monkeys and birds in the trees above. Curl in with a book or take a snooze swaying to the ocean breeze. Take a morning or evening walk along the beach or visit our lush garden where you can spot many different species of plants, insects, and birds.



Not that kind of nightlife (although happy-hour is always a fun time at the bar). When night falls, this is the time for amphibian and reptile spotting. Witness the standoff between pray and predator as you walk around the garden. Bring your headlamp or flashlight and spot Costa Rica’s famous red eye tree frog.



VolunteeringVoluntering CR

During the summer months (June to August) walk the beach and spot nesting sea turtles. If you want, you can lend a hand by getting involved with our local volunteer program protecting the endangered Olive Ridley, Green and Leatherback turtles. You can choose how much or how little you want to be involved.

Also, by having volunteering as an option it allows you to get up close with the program while at the same time giving you a chance to see how a volunteer vacation would work for you without having to commit to the whole experience. It could be a steppingstone towards a whole new way of vacationing.


These are optional off-site activities and tours ($):


Boat Tour and Refugeboat tour

Take a boat tour on the Golfo Dulce, one of the deepest tropical fjords in the world. Here you can see everything from mating turtles to endangered whales coming from the North and South poles. Watch schools of dolphins jump and play and visit a local animal refuge. There you will see animals that have been rescued from captivity and are now being reintroduced into the wild. Get up close and personal with some very cheeky monkeys.



Zip Line Canopy TourZip line

Travel through seven platforms over the jungle canopy. See incredible views and wildlife as you zip through the trees on lines as long as 1200 feet! This tour is safe for all ages. Approximately one hour in duration depending on group size.





Waterfall Rappellingwaterfall

Have you ever been waterfall rappelling? If so, then you know how thrilling it can be, and if not, well don’t worry it’s not that scary. Professional staff will guide you and assure your safety down four rushing waterfalls. Spot animals, hike verdant trails, and feel what it’s like to be hanging by a thread. Well, not literally of course.





Take a guided kayak tour and discover the surrounding lagoon. You’ll see plentiful birds, fish, crocodiles and caymans. Yes, we did say crocodiles and caymans. This tour is perfect for anyone that enjoys being on the water. Our open face kayaks are sturdy and easy to use. This tour will take you all the way to sunset where you can enjoy short stroll down the beach and back to the lodge before dark.




Horseback Riding

Follow your guide down shallow rivers and through the lush tropical rainforest. You will ride to a large lagoon where you can spot many species of birds as well as crocodiles and Caymans. Next ride up through the canopy to the top of a mountain and see a beautiful view of the Osa. With long stretches of unspoiled beach and rainforest, horseback riding offers quiet solitude and a great way to unwind.



corcovado Sirena

Three-day Trek into Corcovado National Park

Try this three-day/two night guided hike through Corcovado National Park to the Sirena Ranger Station. Starting at the La Leona station, this extraordinary adventure takes you 19Km into the rainforest, where you will wade through shallow rivers, cross long stretches of beach and hike beneath the rainforest canopy. As incredible as this trip is, it is not for the faint of heart as this journey is both physically and mentally challenging. Camping out will definitely be worth it though as you will see more in two days of hiking than you would in two weeks anywhere else in Costa Rica.

NOTE . If you are interested in our three-day hike into Corcovado National Park, please specify when booking your experience. This tour is best added at the end of your stay with us. This hike is not always guaranteed as it is based on availability and reservations must be made well in advance at this remote location. You will be sent a separate information package on what you will need for this expedition.


Please note that most on-site activities are included in your package. There are additional costs for all of the off-site activities indicated above and a few on-site activities such as massages for example. At time of booking, we will advise you of these costs as they may vary depending on time of year, and in some cases, prices are based on group size and location of the activity. There is a minimum number of people needed for each tour so depending on the interest of the group, some activities may or may not be available.