Belize R+D

Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions…

Belize Weather

If you want to escape the cold than you’re in for a real treat. The air and water temperatures vary between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Humidity remains fairly consistent and tends to stay at 85 percent. Pretty awesome, huh!

Getting There

All you need to do is book your international flights to Belize’s International Airport (BZE) and we take care of the rest. Once you arrive at the airport, we will have a Caves Branch representative waiting for you. In less than one hour, you’ll be at Caves Branch where you will meet your RR Escape host. After that, we’ll take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy your trip.

On your way out, you will be taking a short domestic flight from Dangriga to the international airport to catch your international flight. (Your domestic flight is included in your package). Try to book your international flights to arrive as early as possible in the country and to leave as late as possible on your way out. That way you can enjoy more time in the country.

Map Belize

What To Bring

A valid passport and return ticket is necessary for entry into Belize. No visas are required for citizens of the US and Canada. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Belize. Note that all custom agents hold the right to refuse entry in the country. That being said, this scenario is unlikely if you have the correct documentation.

In regards to packing, we recommend bringing cool, comfortable, casual, fast drying clothing. Bring your swimsuit, a brimmed hat, good sunglasses (polarized preferably), sunscreen, bug repellent, a small first aid kit, a reusable water bottle and your most essential toiletries. We also highly recommend you invest in a ‘rash guard’ shirt (usually worn by surfers for sun protection). These shirts are perfect for snorkeling or when on the boat. Most important here are your shoes. We recommend amphibian-hiking shoes that go from land to water. Leave heavy hiking boots at home. Your shoes need to be light and fast drying. Bring along a pair of sandals or crocs for around the property.

Divers and snorkelers, the dive shop will have everything you’ll need for rent or feel free to bring your own gear.

A complete packing list will be sent to you once you book your Escape. It will help you prepare for this unique Belizean adventure.

Healthy Travelling

Belize City has not only a hospital, but also an MRI clinic and other medical services including a number of doctors. District towns and larger villages have either a hospital or a clinic as well.

Twinrix and Tetanus vaccinations are recommended no matter where you travel these days. The risk of malaria on the Island of Ambergris is minimal. We still recommend covering up at dusk and dawn and using bug repellent (natural or with deet) on trails. For professional advice, consult your family physician.

We recommend only drinking bottled water. Both lodges offer safe drinking water and also sell bottled water.  Outside of the resort, we recommend you not eat fruit that you have not peeled yourself, to stay away from leafy vegetables like lettuce, and to avoid ice cubes.

Travel insurance is strongly advised, both for last-minute flight cancellation and for health coverage during your stay in Belize. Check with your insurance company and bring copies of your coverage with you. If you do not have an insurance provider, we would be happy to make recommendations.

Contact us for any additional questions.

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