Your Activities & Tours

You will have access to many different activities and tours during your exciting Island Escape in Belize. These will allow you to fully experience the beauty of this magical country. Here’s a list of included and optional activities for you to choose from.

Included activities at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge…

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin TourXunantunich

Included in your package is the chance to explore one of Belize’s most impressive Mayan sites: Xunantunich (which means “stone woman” in Mayan). This place was a thriving city near the end of the Classic Period (300-900 A.D.) with large plazas ringed with pyramids. The center of Xunantunich occupies an area less than a square mile and is composed of six major plazas surrounded by more than 25 temples and palaces.

“El Castillo”, the second tallest Mayan Ruin in Belize, is found here and stands 130 feet high to give a panoramic view of the Cayo District, Guatemala and the Mopan River. This large pyramid is well known for the frieze or band of stucco decoration that once extended around the entire temple.

Xunantunich is reminiscent of some of the largest Mayan temples found in Tikal and Copan and has a great on-site museum.

River Cave Tubing Expeditioncave tubbing

Also included in your package is this exciting River Cave Tubing Expedition. Spectacular crystal formations over 5,000,000 years old cast eerie shadows into the black abyss as you explore and experience the most sacred area of the Ancient Mayan. Imagine the experience as you float through a massive cathedral-sized chamber and you turn off your lights… leaving you with the sensation of timelessness.

Discover an incredible cave system where Ancient Mayan Ceremonial centers, pottery, artifacts, altars, obsidian blood letting blades, and jade is found. You’ll even see the actual footprints of the Shaman and priests dated back to 400 A.D.

Optional Activities & Tours – Caves Branch

St-Herman’s Blue Hole National ParkBlueHole

Steps away from Caves Branch you will find the Blue Hole National Park (not to be confused with the other Blue Hole on Lighthouse Reef). The Park got its name from having a large fresh-water hole featuring crystal-clear blue water, perfect for swimming or snorkeling. The park also has a small trail network that is particularly good for birding because the forest canopy is low. The Hummingbird Loop can be walked in an hour (or longer for those wanting to linger and see more). As well as trees, the rich forest contains a wealth of bromeliads, mosses and ferns, more visible than normal because of the steep lay of the land. This is a perfect hike to do in the afternoon if you still have energy after your fun morning adventures.

Full day tour to Tikal Ruins


The Tikal Ruins (in Guatemala) is the grandest and most magnificent Mayan site in all of Central America. This tour leaves at 6:00 a.m. and return 5-6:00 p.m offering four hours of guided touring at the site and enough time to walk around on your own. There are optional stops on the way back for photographs and shopping.

The tour includes round trip transportation, Guatemalan border and park fees, guide at the site, and lunch. You’ll have to pay your own Belize departure tax. Please let us know if you wish to do this tour at time of booking and we’ll give you more information.

That being said, we strongly recommend adding two extra nights at the beginning or at the end of your trip to visit Tikal. It’s well worth it! We would be happy to advise.

Included activities at Thatch Caye Resort…

Kayak Tour to Bird SanctuaryBird tour

Join your RR Escape host to this island located only a short kayak ride away to a world-renowned bird sanctuary where hundreds of frigates, boobies and pelicans make their home. Yes, I did say boobies. During this tour, you’ll have plenty opportunity to hop off your kayak and discover beautiful snorkel sites.



 Two Guided Snorkel Trips


Included in your package are two guided snorkel trips. The Great Western Barrier Reef serves as the platform for truly stunning Snorkel Adventures a short boat ride away. Each location has distinct coral formations and some of the healthiest marine life in the world. Water visibility is perfect for underwater cameras!




Unlimited use of kayaks and catamaran

Kayak & Catamaran

Glide silently across Belize’s crystal Caribbean waters, accompanied by dolphins (it happens!) as you intimately explore remote islands and untouched coral reefs. Snorkel with blue Parrot Fish, neon Blow Fish, gentle Nurse Sharks, six foot Eagle Rays and maybe even Manatees (otherwise known as “sea cows”). Your sea kayak journeys will take you places that few other people have experienced.



Sunset Yoga


Join your RR Escape host for a complimentary guided yoga session overlooking the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Thatch Caye has two beautiful thatched yoga platforms located on the south end of the island. Sessions are perfect for beginners and offer you a great opportunity to stretch out and feel energized.

Yoga instructors, click here for info on leading your own yoga retreat.

Optional Activities & Tours  – Thatch Caye Resort


World Class Scuba DivingDiving

The Reef in central and southern Belize remains largely untouched. You will be diving in some of the world’s most impressive dive sites. Day trips are available to the famous Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Turneffe Reef, Glover’s Atoll and many other local dive sites just minutes away from the island.

Want to get certified? Do your PADI course on line and complete your open water certification at Thatch Caye Resort. Contact us for details.



World Class Fly FishingFishing

Thatch Caye is part of the Coco Plum chain of islands well known for their flats. This area harbors the elusive Permit Fish and is a natural habitat for Bonefish. Tarpon holes are within reach and a nearby saltwater lagoon is home to Snook. Fishing must be done responsibly and sustainably in these waters.




Please note that there are additional costs for all of the optional activities indicated above. At time of booking, we will advise you of these costs as they may vary depending on time of year, and in some cases, prices are based on group size and location of the activity.