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RR Escape was the best week of my life. Hands down. I had so much fun and felt healthier than ever before. Living in the rainforest for a week is the ultimate cleanse for both the body and soul. Laying in bed at night, hearing only the sounds of the jungle, then waking up in the morning with the sunrise is as beneficial as 1000 spa days. The salt air makes your skin glow. All stress goes out the window–even though there are no windows, only open-air cabanas (not to worry, mosquito nets do their job well). I’m pretty sure I never stopped smiling the whole time! Well, except when my friend slapped my sunburn, which was my own fault for getting in the first place.


When people ask me about Costa Rica I usually have a few choice words or phrases. Wow! It was AMAZING! It’s almost hard to encapsulate the experience that I had for you without you actually experiencing it. It was so many things. Relaxing, beautiful, rejuvenating, meditative, spiritually fulfilling and many other words from Webster’s dictionary. It was a life changing experience. One that I will never forget. One that every human being should experience. I Love You RR Escape and Osa Peninsula. Please take my hand! It felt like being on the best retreat of my life. The land, the FOOD, the people, the AMAZING hostess (Martine), the ocean, the sunset, the serenity, the secluded beach, the yoga and the Halloween Crabs. So many things to list. It was all so magical. I hope to return sooner rather than later.

d Littles