The Ultimate Reef Escape


Embark on our newest eco adventure that offers you the best of Belize. Unravel the mystery of the Ancient Mayans as you discover the majesty of the lush tropical rainforest. Next plunge into an island adventure featuring white-sand beaches and the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Stay in a cool island lodge, try cave-tubing, hiking up Mayan temples, snorkeling and diving the second longest barrier reef system in the world. See how your time off can be a true escape.


Discover BelizeDiscover Belize

Located in the northern hemisphere above the equator, Belize is bounded on the north by Mexico, the west and south by Guatemala, and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. Although it is a small country, Belize boasts the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, the most extensive cave systems south of Mexico, mysterious ancient Mayan ruins and the greatest percentage of protected lands and marine reserves in all of Central America.




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Crystal Blue ParadiseBLZ crystal

You’ll be staying in a protected marine reserve declared a World Heritage Site due to its abundant marine life. Here you can snorkel and dive some of the most beautiful coral gardens and enjoy swimming with everything from colorful fish to large manatees, dolphins and so much more. Offshore lies the Great Western Barrier Reef, with a beauty and richness that has put Belize among the Top 10 Dive Destinations in the world. The reef is surrounded by hundreds of coral-sand and mangrove-covered islands.  Another major attraction is the coral atolls (coral islands), a true underwater paradise for divers.  Belize holds three of only four coral atolls found in the Western Hemisphere.

Mayan MysteryBLZTemples

Explore this ancient civilization where, during the Classic period of 250 AD to 900 AD, the population is thought to have exceeded one million people.  Still today you can encounter their archaeological remains through exploring extensive cave systems and by visiting various other historic Mayan centers, such as Xunantunich (Shoo-nan-two-nich), a Classic Period site.  You will see unburied sacred temples while learning about the rise and fall of this secret lost world.